Anne Rice returns to the sepulchre of her mind

Woe is me.Anne Rice, famous Author of the Vampire Chronicles is quiting "Organised" religion (I have yet to find one that doesn't have some sort of structure or schedual) after a mere return stint of twelve years or so.Seems she has only just realised that the R.C. Church still persists in condeming the spilling of unborn and innocent blood,still can't bring itself to initiate Priestesses and above all still holds fast to the quaint notion that the psychological and biologically complimentary union of Male and female is the healthiest prelude to the sound formation of children and consequently a desirable basis for a stable and functioning society.What was she thinking!


  1. You're a prime example of why she left the church. Bigoted, judgemental, spiteful and full of hate.

    Shame on you. If you're a Christian, then I want no part of it.

  2. Musings of a Mediocre Mind?...Yep,your probably correct in that Assumption.The nose-spite-face comment supports your position.

    Anne Rice left the Church because,while she may consider Christ her saviour,she can't concieve of him as being her Lord.Pride becomes before a fall,or in Anne's case the pride preceded an extra-Biblical and illogical position.This makes her public appeal for sympathy on the matter all the more stupid.She should have crept quietly back to her dark crypt.

    Her comments on the matter show her to be firmly entrenched in the Culture of Death that prevails in the world today.To use you own words,I want no part of it.